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August 07 2017


babies playing with pets scare me

please don’t hurt the pupper, you Little Screaming Shit Machine™









If Harry ever set up a muggle dating profile, his description would say: Anyone who’s interested message me by replying to this question: If you ever met a very famous person, what would you say to them?

And after getting numerous boring responses he’d get this one:

I do know a very famous person and he’s an asshole. So, I’d probably say ‘Hey, asshole.’

And Harry thinks, this, this is it. This is the kind of man he needs. So he sets up a date with this guy and it turns out to be Draco. 

Upon seeing each other they just groan defeatedly.

how tf did they not know

Just think about it:

Draco is sitting in an elegantly furnished muggle restaurant waiting for his date when he sees Potter enter the fine establishment in his not so fine clothes. 

Fucking Potter. Always there to ruin his day. Potter’s surprised eyes meet his as he’s about to pass by the table. 

‘‘Hey, asshole,’‘ Draco says bitingly.

The man suddenly stops in his tracks. His eyes widen in disbelief. 

Draco’s eyes widen in realization.

Oh, no. Oh, Merlin’s tits it cannot be.

Potter’s eyes widen even more.

‘‘Oh, come on!’‘

‘‘Oh for fuck’s sake!’‘


*moaning* Come on!

*groaning* Come already, for fuck’s sake!

@l0vegl0wsinthedark and @synonym-for-life you just made this great idea 100x better!!!

They part ways thinking that was the end of it. They got each other out of their systems, no chance they’ll ever meet up again.

A few months later, one of Harry’s muggle friends (a girl who works at a coffee shop he use to frequent) finally convinces him to go on a blind date with this amazing bloke. A recent regular. Tall. Handsome. Gorgeous smile. “Looking for Mr. Right,” she says. “He’s such a sweetheart. You’ll love him.”

Harry waits at the coffee shop that Friday. He turns his head when he hears the familiar chime of the bell above the entrance door. Malfoy enters, sweeping his platinum blonde hair away from his face. His cheeks and the tip of his nose are pink from the cold and their eyes meet soon after.

They don’t even react. Malfoy walks over. Harry scoots his chair to make room.

“Hey, asshole.”

It got even better! 

Mooooooooore please

Uhg I need it

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Finally finished my full set of the grand relics and their wielders, because the adventure zone owns my heart now.

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Everything else in this movie could be a pile of hot garbage and I will still see it over and over again because of how amazing Alphonse looks in EVERY SINGLE SCENE AND PICTURE they’ve released so far

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I bought these for totally adult reasons and not ooh-reminds-me-of-inquisition reasons

I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again

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file under: things I am not




it never occurred to me that some people actually “gradually stir in” their pasta

Yeah?? What do you do with yours???

dump it all in the pot at once like the spaghetti goblin I am

Try to tell a writer that their book will never be published, and you’re giving them an extremely valid reason to prove you wrong. They will write until their fingers no longer have prints.
— “Proving Critics Wrong” (via journaling-junkie)
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took an hour to make the hat and zero hours for everything else

sansael replied to your post “sansael replied to your post: it’s going to take 2…”
2h to do Chrome ?!

we’re situated at the very edge of a shitty, shitty broadband service

Which Adventure Zone Character Are You?


tbh im gonna repost this when the finale comes around but if u want to take the taz character quiz i made please do….. it has 20 different outcomes…. take it. tell me what u got

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Ashish Spring/Summer 2012 details

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August 06 2017

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i swear to god whoever runs the star wars account is a goddamn hero

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The most in-character thing I’ve ever soon. 

July 02 2017

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Happy Birthday to Helga’s voice actress, Francesca Smith!!

-Characters belong to Craig Bartlett-

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2017 mood

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